Whose responsibility is it to make sure my property is being properly cared for and what do you do if it is not - cropped

First and foremost, the party with the primary care responsibility for your property is your tenant – the one who has signed the lease/rental agreement which specifies specific care responsibilities.

Secondly, there are several ways your property manager is involved in this area of concern:

* Careful tenant selection from the outset protects your property from being rented to irresponsible people

* Driving by the property on a regular basis gives some idea of what may be going on inside the property based on exterior condition

* We may have occasion to enter the property for repair or maintenance reasons and will use that opportunity to observe areas of concern, if any

* Scheduling property inspections (hopefully with owners participation) to be proactive on repair and condition circumstances.



What do we do if the tenants are not taking care of my property as they should?

We will contact your tenant and give them the opportunity to correct the situation – usually they will. However, if a problem persists, and based upon the specifics of the situation, we will make a decision as to whether or not to serve the appropriate written demand, Notice Of Breach or Notice of Termination.