Property Management FAQ

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Frequently Asked

Property Management Questions   

Looking for a real estate property manager in Central and/or Eastern Contra Costa County? This FAQ is designed to answer many of your basic questions and to help you decide if our property management company is a “good fit” for your management needs.

 Please click on any of the questions below to find answers to common questions about our services:

 1.) What type of rental properties do you manage?

2.) What areas do you service?

3.) Why should I use a property manager?

4.) What is your property management experience or resume?

5.) Are you a licensed property manager?

6.) How big is your staff?

7.) Why should I hire you as my property management company?

8.) Are there any limitations on rental properties that you accept to manage?

9.) Is there a written agreement with your company?

10.) How much will my property rent for?

11.) How do you market or advertise my property for rent or lease?

12.) What is the process for showing my property to prospective tenants?

13.) What does the tenant selection process consist of and who makes the final tenant selection decision?

14.) Is there a written agreement with the tenant?

15.) How much of a security deposit can I charge? Similarly, who holds onto the security deposit?

16.) What do you do if the tenant does not pay their rent?

17.) Whose responsibility is it to make sure my property is being properly cared for; and what do you do if it is not?

18.) How are repairs handled?

19.) Can I have a home warranty on the property to handle repairs?

20.) Do you provide regular accounting for the property?

21.) How informed will I be about what happens with my property?

22.) Do you keep some of my money on account to handle incidentals? If so, how much?

23.) Should I have a landscaping, pool or other vendor service?

24.) Who pays the utilities?

25.) When do you make disbursements and when can I reasonably expect to receive my owner funds?

26.) How much is your leasing fee for vacant properties?

27.) What is your monthly property management fee? Likewise, are there other administrative fees or other service charges?

28.) Are your fees negotiable?

29.) Does your property management agreement automatically give you the exclusive right to sell my property?

30.) How soon can you start managing my property?