What Am I Responsible for Maintaining?

Please refer to the maintenance paragraph in your lease and the Tenant care and maintenance responsibilities paragraphs in the lease Supplemental addendum for a complete list of items that answer this question.

However, in general terms, Tenants are responsible for the following items:
  • replacing air conditioner filters
  • filling water softener
  • replacing light bulbs
  • replacing smoke detector and CO detector batteries
  • proper yard maintenance and watering
  • Tenant caused plumbing or sewage blockages
  • initial treatments for extermination of pests
  • keeping the property clean and sanitary inside and out
  • keeping the property components in good working order
  • maintaining the property surfaces in good condition
  • keeping the carpets and other floor coverings clean and in good condition


(Please note that the above answers are not an exhaustive list of tenant responsibilities.)