What Is A HOA (Home Owners Association) And How Does It Apply To Tenants?


Home owners associations are usually created by builders and developers to help ensure that all residents living in a particular neighborhood will take care and pride in their home ownership or tenancy. The HOA ‘s purpose is to monitor the neighborhood and make sure that everybody is keeping their yards clean, removing trash cans from the curbs, not setting up business in their homes, not parking on the sidewalks or having loud and annoying parties. These are just some examples of items that an HOA tries to control.

To do their job, an HOA employee drives throughout the neighborhood several times a month looking for infractions. Once they ind a home that is in violation of the HOA rules, they send out a letter of violation to the owner. This letter is usually followed up with a second letter within ten days, if the problem has not been addressed and fixed.

As the tenant living in a home where their is an active HOA, you are responsible for any violation that occurs at your rental property.

Once the HOA informs the homeowner, First Realty / Pryor & Associates will send you a written notice to fix the problem. If the problem is not fixed within time specified by the HOA, the HOA will access the owner a fine. These fines can often range between $50 and $250. Once you have been notified and if you have not fixed the problem, you, the tenant, will be responsible for paying this fine.