How much is your leasing fee for vacant properties - cropped

The lease/rental commission is one half (50%) of the monthly contract rental figure for new tenants.  All classified advertising costs, if any, are passed through to owners. First Realty/ Pryor and Associates typically absorbs all other costs of leasing the property including internet marketing, for lease/rent signs, lockboxes, etc.

This lease/rental commission is for: 

  • Marketing the property
  • Showing the property and providing Rental Applications
  • Processing Rental Applications including running credit
  • Interviewing prospective tenants
  • Drafting the rental agreement and associated documentation
  • Obtaining tenant(s) signature on rental agreement and associated documentation
  • Performing a walk-in inspection of the property with written statement of condition
  • Obtaining tenant funds
  • Delivering keys, remotes, etc. to tenant(s)

 A lease/rental commission is not for rehabing or remodeling the property.

 Lastly, once the property is rented, a separate on-going property management fee would apply.