Are there any limitations on rental properties that you accept to manage? 


“Sometimes you have to know when to say no.”


First Realty / Pryor and Associates reserves the right to accept rental management accounts on a property by property basis. While most properties would be acceptable, we would prefer to avoid “problem properties” such as: 

  • properties with health and safety issues
  • properties with outstanding repair issues
  • properties with potential liability due to current legal actions
  • properties with owners who knowingly or unknowingly wish to violate the law with respect to discrimination, fair housing and other federal, state or local governmental mandates
  • properties with owners who don´t follow through on their obligations while expecting others to do so

We believe that the worst property manager you can hire is one who, with good intentions, tries to accommodate or “fix” every special circumstance or request that comes along from his/her various owners. In doing so, often the management practice of this type of property manager is so scattered and ill defined as to be ineffective and a liability to all concerned. Consequently, there are certain properties we will decline because we know they can potentially consume a disproportionate amount of our time and distract from the care and attention that all our property management accounts deserve.



Having been property managers for a long time, we are not going to be so arrogant as to say that we have “seen or experienced it all.” Each new day, property and tenant brings the potential for something new to deal with. However, it is our business practice to anticipate and avoid common problems rather that deal with the same ones repeatedly.

We like the consistency and predictability that comes with welcoming owners and properties that are compatible with our management practices, so as to be a “win-win” situation for all concerned.