What Is The Policy Regarding Pest Control?

Your rental property will be turned over to you in a “pest-free” condition. However, if there is a pest problem at move-in, please contact the property management company and let them know. This would be a Landlord responsibility to take care of.

After you have taken possession of the property and lived in it past the first ten days, it is your primary responsibility to take care of pest control related matters. We ask our tenants to take “first-strike” responsibility to remove problems. themselves. What this means is that tenants should actively take steps to eliminate the problem themselves and not just call the management company to say they “saw a bug.” Likewise, tenants are responsible if they are creating an attractive nuisance situation which leads to a pest problem.

If you have tried to remedy the situation yourself and are still “over-run”, then call the property management company who will assess the situation and see if the Landlord will provide one-time help on a health and safety basis.