How Do I Arrange A Showing For One Of Your Rental Properties?


The first thing to do is to identify a property that interests you and hopefully will meet your needs.

Red house with magnifying glass

The next step is to contact our office where we will generally:

  • provide you with a brief description of the property
  • provide you with the basic qualifications necessary to rent or lease the property, so you can ascertain if you have the capacity to be considered as a tenant
  • ask you to drive-by the property first (before making a follow up appointment to see the property) to make sure the property actually meets your needs
  • after all of the above has been done – make a mutually convenient, same day appointment (where possible), to see the property, get your questions answered and be provided, upon request, a tenant Rental Application for you to complete and return with funds for credit and processing.

Note: we make same day showing appointments so that: 1.) we only show properties that are still available; and 2.) hopefully everyone will remember the appointment more readily. Consequently, we do not make showing appointments days or weeks in advance.

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