Why should I use a property manager?

The key to your success as a real property investor lies in your ability to effectively and profitably manage the real property asset(s) that you own. Whether or not your property is a “money machine” or a “money pit” is often dependent on whether or not you have certain skills sets or expertise. 

Managing your property is like managing a business. To do it right you must have a plan, which you faithfully execute. Each property that you own, each new tenant that you meet, each problem that you encounter will teach you more about yourself and your relationship to the business of property management.

But remember, you will never know everything about property management. There is always more to learn:

  • state law compliance
  • proper tenant selection
  • lease and rental agreement preparation
  • maintenance and repair
  • landlord / tenant relations
  • evictions

… to name just a few topic areas.

Many real estate investors are familiar with the concept of “OPM”, which stands for using “Other People´s Money” as a leverage concept for acquiring wealth. Some investors also understand and use the concept of “OPB”, which stands for “Other People´s Brains” as a leverage concept for using the skills, knowledge and expertise of others to help achieve the objectives of their business plan.


 So let us ask you a question:

 – Do you need help or are you having problems:

  • Handling the day-to-day hassles and headaches of property ownership?
  • Advertising vacancies to attract prospective tenants?
  • Qualifying and investigating tenant’s credit?
  • Preparing lease or rental agreements that actually comply with current California regulations?
  • Collecting rents?
  • Paying bills?
  • Handling repairs?
  • Maintaining proper records of income and expense?

Should the answer to any of the above questions be yes, then it appears to be self-evident that you may in fact need a property manager. If so, please consider the services of Mark Pryor and the staff of First Realty / Pryor & Associates. Our job is to help those real estate investors whose business plan acknowledges the need for outside help and/or expertise. Call us at 925-754-7000 and use our skills, knowledge and expertise to help you with your property management needs.

We can help!