Why should I hire you as my property management company

After evaluation, you should hire us if you think we are the best match for your property management needs. That is why this FAQ page exists – so that you can learn about us and the philosophy and principles we will employ in the management of your property.

We understand that turning over your rental property to the care of an unknown property manager can be an emotional and frightening experience. So we want you to take the time to research and gather information about us, so that you will feel comfortable with your decision. If you don’t see your question answered in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us.

We’d love the opportunity to earn your trust and manage your property.


Top 10 Reasons

We Are The Right Property Management Firm For You!

  1. We have 30+ years of full-time experience successfully assisting Landlords in the local market.
  2. We can help to effectively and profitably manage your real property asset.
  3. We handle the headaches and hassles of property management – allowing you to enjoy the rewards of owning investment property.
  4. We’ll market and advertise your property locally, as well as, over the Web and possibly in the MLS.
  5. We thoroughly screen and help you select quality tenants.
  6. We deal directly with tenants – showing, negotiating, preparing leases and collecting rents.
  7. We’ll coordinate maintenance and repair of the your property.
  8. You will receive comprehensive monthly accounting statements and a 1099.
  9. We know the neighborhoods, schools, market conditions and local economy.
  10. Our office is local so we can visit your property quickly when needed.


Let’s get together to talk about your property management needs. Call us at the office (925-754-7000) or on Mark’s cell phone (925-595-4188) or send us an e-mail (Mark@MarkPryor.com) and we will set-up a time to meet that is mutually convenient. If you’re quite not ready to meet in person, please tour our website. We are sure you’ll find the resources here useful and helpful.