When do you make disbursements and when can I reasonably expect to receive my owner funds - cropped

Rents are typically due the first of the month, technically delinquent the second of the month and are late after the fifth of the month. After your tenant pays their rent, it is deposited in the bank and then let “cure” for five to seven days. We use this curing period to normally avoid circumstances where your tenant bounces a check to us and then causes us to bounce a check to you.

Assuming: your tenant pays in a timely fashion; there are no outstanding bills; and after the curing time frame, your account will be processed with checks, statements, etc. being generated normally between the 8th and the 15th of the month. We try to process your file in the order your tenant paid – first in / first out  or last in/last out- where possible and when ready. 

For those properties that meet the assumptions stated above, owner’s disbursements are normally mailed out between the 10th and the 15th of each month. For those properties that do not meet the assumptions, disbursements will be delayed.

NOTE: we strongly suggest that you work one month in advance on your rental finances. This month’s disbursement should pay next months owner expenses (mortgage, etc.). We suggest this to help you avoid the stress of juggling mortgage late payment fees or other problems such as mailing transit time, etc., which are beyond our direct control.