What is the process for showing my property to prospective tenants - cropped

Keeping your property rented with as little vacancy as possible is important. However, you don’t want to rent to just anyone because a poorly selected tenant can cause you great expense and frustration.

While many forms of discrimination are illegal and are to be avoided, you may evaluate a prospective tenant as to sufficient income, credit worthiness, and references to name a few areas.

When we receive a tenant inquiry at First Realty / Pryor & Associates, we generally:

  • provide the prospective tenant with a brief description of the property
  • provide the prospective tenant with the basic qualifications necessary to rent or lease the property, so they can ascertain if they have the capacity to be considered as a tenant
  • ask the prospective tenant to drive-by the property first (before making a follow up appointment to show the property) to make sure the property actually meets their needs
  • try to be courteous, establish rapport, get name and other basic information
  • supply directions, Internet information and mapping, as appropriate
  • (after all of the above has been done) make a mutually convenient, same day appointment (where possible), to show the property, answer questions and provide, when requested, a Tenant Information Application for the prospective tenant to complete and return with funds for credit and processing.