How do you advertise or market my property for rent or lease


How are you going to get the word out to prospective tenants?


1.) Sign – the most effective means of advertising is a sign, located so as to achieve maximum exposure to the public

2.) Internet marketing – website placement like:


3.) Third Party Data Aggregator sites – ad placement in sites like:

CraigsList – Trulia – Zillow – Postlets

 …often attract prospective tenants 24/7. These types of ads often allow for greater descriptive space, photographs, and “shelf-life” than similar print advertising.

4.) Multiple Listing Service – placement in the Realtor database of available properties for access and showing by other licensed agents.

5.) Newspaper classified advertising – concise descriptive ads that separate your property from the competition (* requires additional owner approval and expense)

6.) Word of mouth / referrals – current and past tenants, friends of our tenants and owners, neighbors, referrals from other agents that we network with.

At First Realty / Pryor & Associates, we tailor the marketing plan to the needs of the individual rental property and can use many of the advertisement opportunities listed above.
Remember, that you, the property owner are an integral part of the marketing plan too. You set the rental asking price, control property condition and access – all things that effect the success and timing of the rental of your property. Therefore, be realistic!