Does your property management agreement automatically give you the exclusive right to sell my property - cropped

No. We can sell your property if you would like us to, but we don’t bind you to that in the management agreement.

Some of our “cut-rate” competition in the marketplace reserve this right in their property management agreements. They manage your home at little or no profit knowing they have you locked into an eventual sales listing.

However, we think, at the time you decide to eventually sell, you should be free to decide who the best listing agent will be for your property given its location and characteristics:

  • it may be us
  • or it may be another agent that you already have a previous relationship with.

Most of our owners choose a full time sales agent to sell their home and we encourage them to do so in most instances. While we would hope that our owners would choose us to list and sell their property, as previously stated, it is not required by our management agreement.