How Long After I Move Out Does It Take To Get My Security Deposit Back?

Security deposit will not be returned until all Tenants have vacated the property and all keys are turned in. Any security deposit that is returned will be by our company business check and shall be made out to all Tenants names on the rental agreement, or as subsequently modified.

California Civil Code and your rental agreement provide that your security deposit will be disbursed within 21 days after the end of your rental period. This is determined to be: when all keys and garage door openers, etc. have been returned to First Realty / Pryor & Associates, and expiration of the lease has occurred. If expiration of the lease has not occurred and the keys and garage door openers have been returned – you have not yet reached the end of the rental period.

With your disbursement you will be sent an itemized statement accounting for your security deposit – any charges levied against it – and noting any remaining security deposit funds which are being disbursed back to you. If a balance is owed by you to the owner, it must be submitted within 21 days of written notice or the account will be sent to collection.

Special circumstances apply in the event a lease has been broken. The security deposit may be held until a new tenant has been found for the property.